Mission & Vision

slider- to know ChristIn Revelation 7:9, the Bible paints a picture of heaven as one giant group of people from every tribe and nation, and speaking in every language all in the singular event of worshiping Christ. Because we believe that the Church is one body across all languages and cultures, we want to catch on to what God is doing to bring back all people unto Himself.

Praising people


Our Mission:

We as Steward of God’s Mysteries consider it a privilege to assist dedicated and called individuals and organizations that are serious about winning people to Christ through various forms of evangelism and service in communities locally and internationally. As a body we are committed to providing prayer, finances, time, encouragement and manpower to these ministries. We also promote opportunities that allow individual members and small groups to adopt a local and an international ministry to specifically support. We pray that you will have open eyes and a willing heart to find a way that you can become individually involved.



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